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And soon had Psophis and Cyllene in Sight;. Here Arethusa stopt; then Ceres takes. The Youth o'er Europe , and o'er Asia drives,. The chosen Muse here ends her sacred Lays;. The Nymphs would quit their Fountain, Shade, or Hill:. And Mars 's Hill among th' Athenian Tow'rs. Then, like Amphitryon , but a real Jove ,. Swift thro' the Phrygian Towns the Rumour flies,. My Grandsire was, and Atlas sprung from Jove. Caeus the Titan 's vagrant Progeny;. Widow'd, and Childless, lamentable State!

Then all, reclaim'd by this Example, show'd. Faunus , the Naiads , or some native God? Scarce had the Man this famous Story told,.

The Satyr 's Fate, whom angry Phoebus slew;. The Fauns , and Silvans , with the Nymphs that rove. Which, down thro' Phrygia 's Rocks, a mighty Stream,. Comes tumbling to the Sea, and Marsya is its Name. From these Relations strait the People turn.

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To Thebes the neighb'ring Princes all repair,. Argos , with Sparta 's, and Mycenae 's Towns,. And Calydon , yet free from fierce Diana 's Frowns.

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Pylos , for Nestor 's City after fam'd,. And Troezen , not as yet from Pittheus nam'd. Tereus of Thrace , brave, and inur'd to War,. From Mars deriv'd, Pandion 's Thoughts incline. Nor Hymen , nor the Graces here preside,. And Furies waited at the Genial Bed:. Like those fair Nymphs , that are describ'd to rove.

We've gain'd our Point, the rough Barbarian cries;. Observ'd to Bacchus by each Thracian Dame;. Thro' India 's gloomy Groves, where Ganges laves. And rouze the snaky Furies from their Stygian Cell. Tereus , through Grief, and Haste to be reveng'd,. Erechtheus next th' Athenian Sceptre sway'd,. Procris , to Cephalus in Wedlock ty'd,.

Tereus his Neighbour, and his Thracian Blood,.

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With Jason 's Argonauts they cross'd the Seas,. Hon ble. By Graecian Dames the Kind Preserver call'd. Of fierce Charybdis ' Gulf, and Scylla 's Rocks,. Impatient for the Wonders of the Day,. The Colchians stare; the Graecians shout, and raise. Aemonian Matrons, who their Absence mourn'd,. Your past are thrown away, and Jason 's wretched still.

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Find Means t'encrease the Stock of Aeson 's Years,. Whose Stores she ransacks, then to Crete she flies;. There Ossa , Pelion , Othrys , Pindus , all. Apidanus , Amphrysus , the next Rape. This Hecat 's Name, that Youth 's Inscription bears;. Of blooming May —When this Medea spy'd,. Bacchus , who from the Clouds this Wonder view'd,.

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Thus far obliging Love employ'd her Art,. With skilful Chiron 's Cave, and neighb'ring Ground,. With Ida 's Grove, where Bacchus , to disguise. From Juno , or resenting Venus sent.

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Then Rhodes , which Phoebus did so dearly prize,. For Corinth , and at Corinth she arrives;. To faithless Jason , and in Jason 's Sight;. From hence to Athens she directs her Flight,.

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Where Periphas , and Polyphemon 's Neece,. Soaring with sudden Plumes, amaz'd the Towns of Greece. And thus resound their matchless Theseus ' Praise. Great Theseus! Thee the Marathonian Plain. Of the dire Monster's Blood, by valiant Theseus slain.

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Since Theseus ' Sword the fierce Cercyon slew. Tall Cythnos , Scyros , flat Seriphos ' Isle;. O Enopia once, but now Aegina call'd,. Peleus the next, and Phocus the third Son:. The Story of Ants chang'd to Men. Sacred to Jove , and of Dodona 's Race,. The same Oak appears before my Eyes,.