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Snug Harbor Ghost Tour: Tale of the Matron

The Matron of Hogwats also possessed some disciplinary powers, being able to award and dock house points. In , Madam Pomfrey gave Jacob's sibling twenty house points for helping her in the hospital wing. Hannah Abbott applied for the job of Matron at Hogwarts in having trained as a healer. It is unknown whether she succeeded in obtaining the position. Cole , Wool's Orphanage matron in the s. Mrs Cole was the matron at Wool's Orphanage in the s.

She was present when Tom Riddle received a visit from Albus Dumbledore in , where she explained that Tom was unlike most children she knew. Althought she appeared caring, she was also very sharp in a way that could be thought as inconvenient. Sign In Don't have an account? They are sweet little bees, working and playing with boundless energy.

A voice gently resounds from inside the Matron's house: asking for water, demonstrating how to pluck a chicken, and laughing with consolation as she dresses a child's small wound. Up two steps, her home is small but full.

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Her kitchen boasts a small cupboard of china and cooking pots, her living room has a radio and tired sofas, and her bedroom hoards extra clothing for children and a secret stash of jam and instant coffee. She sprawls out in the living room on her favorite chair, exhausted and smiling at the busy girls who run in and out of her open door. She fingers her braids and then beats the dust from her color-faded shtenge before her afternoon gardening.

At night we cook shima , a prepared cornmeal resembling mashed potatoes, on an open stove of charcoal and she tells me about her life.

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Janet Jama was born in Zimbabwe forty years ago. Her parents were humble farmers, but she was able to advance to college and became a salesclerk as a young woman.

In town, she met a young railroad worker and fell in love. In a matter of months, they married and Janet adopted his 2-year old son Brian as her own. They were both hard workers and from their earnings were able to buy a sewing machine, 4 televisions, and 2 cars.

They were happy and had 2 more children together, Timoth and Precious. But in , Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe privatized the railroad and slimmed its labor force.

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Janet's husband and her husband's father lost their jobs. As a devoted son, her husband sold the cars, the televisions, the sewing machine, and every valuable possession in their home and gave the money to his aging parents.

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Janet was unauthorized to speak against her husband's wishes. Her husband sank into a fatal depression, and Janet was pressed to support her family. Jobs were scarce, but she was able to find employment at a local mine. With newborn Precious on her back, she shovelled coal, only taking breaks to breastfeed. The Matron stirs the steaming pot and pats my knee at my awe-inspired expression.

She nods and shrugs with acceptance, "Life isn't easy, but we manage.