The Chakras: Lightwork through Photography and Meditation

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Transformational Light Energy Work is a meditation practice that teaches specific meditation tools and techniques for aligning with cosmic light energy and directing it into the physical body and multi-dimensional consciousness to promote physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and well being.

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This is a path of evolutionary growth that awakens the student to her or his own untapped potential, allowing for expanded awareness on all levels of consciousness. Transformational Light Work is a path toward deep connection to divine presence, and the light energy meditations, which are the fundamental tools, open the student to an ever-deepening understanding of Self.

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This work is an immersion in the ancient mysteries through simple, yet profoundly transformative, light energy tools and techniques. Working with the different colors of light energy will heighten your intuitive and empathic powers.


You will learn to travel through time to experience and heal the past in this life and in past lives. You will learn healing touch. Barbara Wilder has been a practitioner and teacher of Transformational Light Energy Work for over 20 years. Tina feels that her work reflects her life in very tangible ways. She loves to travel and always stops to capture images that speak to her soul and allow her to share the journeys with others.

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Enjoy your journey through Tina's work! Tina is also the author of two books which are now available in paperback on Amazon.

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Her first book: Fibromyalgia: My Journey from Depression to Dancing details her experience with overcoming Fibromyalgia and living mostly pain free for 5 years. Her second book The Chakras: Lightwork through Photography and Meditation features 8 of her photographs and combines her meditation vision and photography.

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