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The film was also notorious as being Universal Studios' biggest box office bomb as a result. Depicts the IRA oppressed freedom fighters while painting the Unionists as monsters. The film also doesn't speak highly of Margaret Thatcher either. Upcoming thriller film, based in part on the short story The Most Dangerous Game but given a modern political twist, focusing on conservatives from different walks of life being rounded up and hunted for sport by rich elitist liberals.

The movie drew high-profile criticism from none other than President Trump, who used it to criticize Hollywood for its racism, hatred and promotion of violence in the media, which it then uses inflammatorily to blame others and create chaos, [12] while conservative author David Horowitz called for the movie not to be released, stating that it may serve only to incite easily-influenced leftists to commit violence. Although it is the sequel to the patriotic and to a certain extent conservative film Independence Day , it does not at all reference the concepts of patriotism, American exceptionalism, or even national sovereignty.

Instead, most of the movie seems to support globalism, and Doctor Okun is revealed to be a homosexual despite such never being implied in the original film. Forced multicultural elements are present as well. This historically inaccurate account on President John F. Kennedy's assassination serves liberal filmmaker Oliver Stone's insanely fanatic conspiracy theories.

For example, the filmmaker pinpoints the blame to the "real murder" of Kennedy: the conservative politicians, the U. Military, and then-Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson, all of whom want America to go to war in Vietnam because Kennedy rejected the American involvement. Stone described the film as a "counter-myth" to the Warren Commission's "fictional myth.

The second film to be based on Vladimir Nabokov's infamous novel, the first being by Stanley Kubrick. However, in contrast to the very tame Kubrick version limited only by the censorship of it's day , this version indulges with the gratuitous sexuality that made the book so controversial.

The story portrays the relationship of Lolita and Humbert as a beautiful romance. Also, as implied by the tagline of the film's poster, the main message is that "Age is Just a Number". This attack on capitalists and the military portrays the former as ruthless, greedy railroad executives and the latter as "thugs" who support their actions.

It distorts the messages of its source material by displaying the Lone Ranger , shown to be a smart intellectual character in the original TV and radio serials, as dumbfounded and unintelligent, instead featuring his sidekick Tonto played by liberal pot -smoker Johnny Depp not only as the "star" of the film but as the Lone Ranger's "voice of reason", too. This coming-of-age film is an attempt by Hollywood to create a "family friendly", pseudo-conservative take on the gay romance genre.

While in theory this sounds less objectionable than most offerings of this kind, it could also be considered more deceptive and dangerous. This is because it obscures the uglier, raunchier aspects of the gay lifestyle in order to create a very misleading, "heartwarming" fantasy of gay life and relationships. This remake of a Western about seven vigilante gunfighters out to save a peaceful Mexican farming village from marauders itself an adaptation of the Japanese cinematic classic Seven Samurai suits the left agenda, as capitalists are the "villains".

James Caan refused to star in this anti-American sequel to Dogville , describing director Lars von Trier as anti-American and stated that he himself is an "ultra-conservative". A hacker discovers his world is a replica of the world as it was before a cataclysmic future event in which intelligent machines took over humanity, so he joins a resistance to end the machines' reign. Despite this salvation narrative, the whole trilogy glorifies anarchism and nihilism even including a brief nod to Jean Baudrillard 's "On Nihilism" chapter from Simulacra and Simulation , hinting several times towards a pro-Communist, anti-American, anti-Christian view.

In this same scene, a panel of screens implicitly compares George W. Bush to Hitler during a discussion of evil in the world, and it features wars and conflicts specifically involving America. The first film's throwaway dialogue between the main villain Agent Smith and the treasonous freedom fighter Cipher is a shallow attempt at insulting Ronald Reagan because Smith implies that Cipher will become the next Ronald Reagan should he succeed in betraying his allies to the agents.

The trilogy's overall depiction of religion is closer to Gnosticism, even with Neo, the main protagonist, presented as a savior-figure. The Wachowskis openly admitted in an interview that they deliberately modeled the entire story after Friedrich Nietzche's writings.

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The main character, a liberal author, is open-minded and intellectual. He has an unsuccessful relationship with a woman whose family is Republican and are depicted as being "materialistic", "selfish", "narrow-minded" and "hateful" towards any country that is not the United States. Sean Penn portrays openly homosexual politician Harvey Milk in this biography. Walter Salles directs this fawning monument to Communist terrorist and mass murderer Che Guevara. Night of the Living Dead. This independent horror abomination by George A.

Romero vilifies nuclear energy , as nuclear fallout from an exploding space probe in Earth's atmosphere is said to be the cause of the recently deceased becoming reanimated. In addition, it negatively portrays police officers as racist: a group of officers kills Ben, the African American protagonist, when they mistake him for one of the dead, which Romero intentionally chose to have happen to accuse the police of being behind racial lynchings.

This historically inaccurate biography of Richard Nixon is directed by liberal filmmaker Oliver Stone. This environmentalist propaganda piece vilifies capitalists and essentially plagiarizes the Buster Keaton classic Go West. The film demonizes the oil industry as greedy and unsympathetic while praising the EPA. Aside from it promoting paganism and the occult, it also demonized Francisco Franco 's Spain and promoted the Spanish Republicans from the Spanish Civil War due to it being made by Marxist director Guillermo del Toro. An obvious promotion of the leaking of the Pentagon Papers. It treats the liberal journalists who committed the leaking in a positive light, while depicting Nixon in a negative light despite Nixon never being responsible for the Pentagon Papers in the first place, and it being done under the auspices of Democrats JFK and LBJ.

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The HBO movie on the Presidential election and its aftermath in Florida , presented from a liberal-biased viewpoint. A look into how Democrats and their liberal media supporters claim the Republicans "stole" the election and the alleged role of its party members that the Democrats claim "made it happen" although in reality, it was the Democrats themselves who tried to steal the election for their candidate Al Gore by attempting to commit vote fraud in Florida through ordering selective recounts in Democrat-friendly areas while ignoring Republican-strong areas , only to be stopped when the US Supreme Court ruled the Democrats' end-run attempt around election rules to be illegal.

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Republicans are portrayed as ghoulish and cited as manufacturing demonstrations. Both the real Warren Christopher and James Baker contend the film's portrayal of the former is hopelessly untrue.

The film is credited with inspiring a terrorist attack that killed two U. Near the end of the movie, when the woman's son accuses her of betraying her country, she insists that somehow she is the real patriot.


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It's also pro-feminist, as male characters are portrayed as supposedly belittling her, encouraging her to serve tea and do laundry, and rather than leaving these insignificances out of the story, the movie portrays it as integral to the plot when she supposedly tricked the British police into thinking she was stupid and asking them if they wanted tea, though that part of the story is in all likelihood inaccurate and never even happened.

Also, the decision by United States President Harry Truman to drop two atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in order to end the Second World War is strongly condemned, and to an extent, is demonized. At the end of the movie, she arrogantly says twice , "I was right. She refers to the fact that sharing the nuclear weapons secrets prevented the Cold War from turning hot, and while the situation of M.

Mutually Assured Destruction prevented such an occurrence, there never even would have been a Cold War if Stalin had never acquired nuclear weapons, or otherwise the U. Imagine a film had been released portraying Jakiw Palij, the last ex-Nazi in the United States, who was deported by President Donald Trump to Germany, in such a sympathetic fashion. Just more communist propaganda from Hollywood. As a biographical film on the life of notorious American Communist journalist John Reed, Reds is a sentimental and overly romanticized portrait of Communism , humanism , and anarchism.

In another stand-alone sequel to Night of the Living Dead , the military is supposedly responsible for the release of a toxin that turns people into zombies. The military is also shown to be inconstant, as they "fix" this by nuking the city of zombies.

تفاصيل ال٠نتج

An anti- Reagan statement some may say the Left feared that Reagan would create nuclear holocaust, which is present in this film. Left-wing smut-peddler Paul Verhoeven's failed attempt to depict all police forces and corporations as evil. It also contains an environmentalist message with the " SUX," a car that pollutes and guzzles gas for no other reason than to be environmentally unfriendly.

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Verhoeven is also a member of the Liberal Jesus Seminar , which also inspired him to make the movie a grotesque parody of Christ's resurrection. As implied by the title, the film acts as a biopic of the anarchist murderers Sacco and Vanzetti , with them being portrayed in a sympathetic light. In addition, the Worst Liberal Song "Here's to You", also dealing with the two anarchists in a similar light, was released with this movie as part of its soundtrack.

An anti-second amendment film, the so-called "hero" is a nihilist and the "villains" are trying to defend gun rights and the Second Amendment. On top of just being an blatant E. Another Michael Moore film which spread many falsehoods about American healthcare while unduly glorifying the so-called benefits of socialized medicine such as now found in Obamacare.

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Memorably referred to Cuban healthcare as being "better" than American healthcare. Don't be fooled by the fact that Bruce Willis is in it. Willis plays the antagonist, an Army general who institutes martial law in New York City after a wave of terrorist attacks. Portrays Muslims as the "victims" while demonizing the military. Anti-Semitic Nazi propaganda film, that was notorious for it successfully pushing the anti-Semitic agenda throughout Nazi Germany via a subtle method. Is anti-War on Terror, with the film heavily implying that Saudi Arabia was in the middle of liberal reforms that America interfered with due to oil businessmen despite the exact opposite being true.

Capitalists are portrayed as evil aliens planning to rule the world. The director John Carpenter also claimed in interviews that the film was anti- Ronald Reagan [23]. Don't let the fact that the film had basis on the theme park proposed by Walt Disney fool you. Bill Whittle, when reviewing the film, even mentioned that had he still been alive and saw the film, Disney would most likely have torn up his proposal for Disneyland and proceeded to drink himself to death in despair of what the film claimed his idea was.

Jane Fonda "art film" directed by Jean-Luc Godard , who was notoriously anti-American and idolized Karl Marx , is nothing more than a propaganda film for Communism, as it sympathizes with the youths who partook in the May Communist uprisings in France and features blunt anti-American imagery. The world's most infamous Nazi propaganda film even though the Left denies it, the Nazis were in truth left wing National Socialists. Dalton Trumbo, one of the Hollywood Ten who was jailed for his Communist beliefs, is portrayed as a free-speech martyr, and a "champion" of the First Amendment.

Highly fictionalized political docudrama about the Killian documents controversy meant to further tarnish the reputation of George W. Blatantly glorifies anarchism , socialism , Communism and homosexuality.

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Made by Socialist filmmaker Adam McKay, this movie exists solely to ridicule American patriot Dick Cheney and lies about his legacy, portraying him as an unlikable sociopath without morals. A movie designed to denigrate the role of Christianity in U. Mocks conservatives with a liberal plot twist that makes the TEA Party out to be "terrorists". This movie was made by uber-liberals to counter great conservative film; Olympus Has Fallen , which depicts North Korean terrorists as the bad guys. The film focuses more on its anti-gun message than the actual paranormal events.

Liberal propaganda that blames the military for liberal wrongdoing. This Romanian film baselessly supports abortion.

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From producer James Cameron and director Robert Rodriguez, this film supports feminism, environmentalism, and illegal immigration and anti-capitalist, as the villains of the film are depicted as wealthy slavers who live above the poor ghettos, whereas the heroes are violent street thugs who hate money. The first installment of a long-running film franchise primarily dealing with teenage sex and alcohol relies on jokes about sex and bodily functions, even treating date rape as "funny".

This college "comedy" glorifies alcohol abuse , debauchery, nihilism , extramarital sex, and all varieties of youthful rebellion. The dean, played by John Vernon, suggests that being "Fat, drunk and stupid, son, is no way to go through life" to one of the rebellious youth representing the rowdy Delta Tau Chi fraternity, but he's depicted as the villain because of that. After the Delta boys are finally punished by being collectively expelled from college, they exact their revenge by sabotaging a homecoming parade and do not face punishment for such a great misdeed.