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Pibloktoq, a little-understood hysteria seen in people living in the Arctic, can cause a wide range of symptoms, including echolalia senseless repetition of overheard words and running around naked in the snow. Others argue that no complex life could have survived that wintry a wonderland. Except maybe Bing Crosby. By Susan Kruglinski Wednesday, December 12, You might also like. The latest bomb cyclone swept dust from Mexico and Arizona all the way north to Minnesota. What is the Evidence for Hurricanes in the Distant Past?

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This cyclone almost became the East Coast's fifth nor'easter. What accounts for its beautiful comma shape? Every-day wonders: the edges of a giant Colorado thunderstorm cell, captured in photo mosaics.

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Grow Crazy. They exchanged words rarely, as they had long been rendered unnecessary- like choosing soda over water. This seemed to be when he loved her- when they were alone. Not alone in the house of her mother that was never her home, but in the desert miles and miles and miles away from any faint influence.

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